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The Peterborough Climate Hub was formed in 2018 and is affiliated with 4 Our Grandchildren.

Hub Declaration



That the city of Peterborough...

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Contact Hub captains below to get involved or submit your own project.


Drop the Hub Captains a line at ​to get involved.

Mention how you'd like to help.


Here's where we're at - we need YOUR help to accelerate.

Sign the Declaration or become a member.


Ambassadors convene their community's members to decide on priority climate solutions, then rally support for those solutions in the community. Submit your candidature to become an ambassador for your community, or nominate someone else.


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Media coverage of the Hub's activities.

Press releases, op-eds & open letters can also be found here.


The following organizations are committed to realizing our vision of a carbon neutral city.

Sign your organization on to the Declaration or suggest a potential partner.

Check out the blog to explore action being taken by Hubs across the country!​

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